Live Here in First Year

Residence at Western isn’t just a place; it’s an experience where you’ll feel a sense of belonging like you’ve never felt before. Be a part of a community where you’ll have exclusive access to incredible events, support services and academic programming—all designed to help you succeed in your first year here. Residence is guaranteed to incoming first-year students, as long as you meet our eligibility requirements. Even if you live close to campus, you won't want to miss out!


View the Buildings


Experience Residence Life

From your first steps on campus, you’ll start creating your favourite memories, while making friends who become like family. We’ve got the largest orientation week in Canada, and then your residence experience begins. From petting zoos in your lobby, to ferris wheels outside your front door, your building will be bustling with events all year long. You won’t find this experience anywhere else, but if you’re still not sure, read below for more reasons why you should experience residence life!

It's Not Just a Residence Room

Apart from offering a culture second-to-none, at Western, we have action-packed residence programming and fantastic features including a workout room, dining hall, piano room, and laundry facilities in every residence building. Want to see for yourself? Book a campus tour today or take a virtual tour to check out our traditional-, hybrid- and suite-style accommodations.

Access Incredible Dining Right in Your Building

Let's face it, groceries will not magically reappear every time you open the fridge anymore. Eight first-year residences have in-house dining halls that accommodate diverse dietary needs, and we even have a Registered Dietitian to help you develop a personal plan. Whether you have a hankering for fruit, salad, soup, sandwich bars, or hot meals cooked by our in-house chefs, we've got you covered. We even have extended hours for those late-night studiers seeking comfort foods at our snack bars. Bon appetit! 

Gain an Academic Advantage

Perhaps, your parents used to help you with your math homework in high school, but isn’t it about time you give them a break? Historical data shows that students who live in residence perform better than their off-campus classmates. Just imagine; study groups, exam review sessions, study skill workshops and ‘meet your prof’ hangouts – all right where you live! We also have Living-Learning Communities, themed floors that offer students sharing the same faculty, program or interests the opportunity to live together on the same floor. Plus, our amazing Academic and Leadership Programmers are students living alongside you who make it their mission to connect you to resources to help you succeed.

Be Connected to Campus

All of our residence buildings are located so close to the heart of campus. You’ll not only get to experience the benefits of becoming a part of the Western community, but you’ll discover Residence has exclusive opportunities that help you discover your passions and find your besties for life.