Accessibility in Residence

Western Housing makes every reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of our residents who are members of a protected group and/or fall under a protected ground of discrimination. Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging for all students, including those with specialized needs or requirements. Students can submit accommodation requests via the myHousing portal

Final accommodation, including room assignments, is determined by the Division of Housing and Ancillary Services according to the level of resident’s need(s), along with an appraisal of the options available to accommodate the student’s need. Requests received after the deadline will be considered on a priority basis only if space is available.

Accessible shower and toilet

Physical Accommodations

All residences, with the exception of Medway-Sydenham Hall and Alumni House are accessible to persons with physical disabilities or decreased mobility. Barrier-free suites are available in Essex Hall, Elgin Hall, Perth Hall, Ontario Hall, and London Hall.

Standard mattresses in all residences are 80” in length, the same length as a typical Queen or King mattress. Historically we have found that students who are 6’6” tall or shorter have found the standard length mattress to be a comfortable size. Students taller than 6’6’’ can request a special long mattress as needed.

Explore some of our accessible suites!

Essex Hall London Hall Perth Hall

Medical and Mental Accommodations

There are many services and resources available in residence and campus-wide for those who require accommodations for non-mobility needs, medical conditions, allergies, service animals, or mental disabilities. In addition to submitting a request for an accommodation in residence, you are encouraged to register with Accessible Education before the academic year begins as they may be able to provide you with resources and services that could be of assistance to you at Western.

Please ensure that a qualified health care professional, who is familiar with your needs and can substantiate your request, completes the necessary sections when submitting your request.


Dietary & Food Allergy Accommodations

We strive to create a positive, inclusive and safe dining experience for all students. We support informed food choices through the use of nutrition symbols at the point-of-purchase and work on a one-on-one basis with students to help identify appropriate menu options.

Allergen risk management is a shared responsibility. Students with severe food allergies are strongly advised to complete a Residence Accessibility Request before the deadline. This will allow our team to take your dietary needs into consideration during the building assignment process. With your consent, the Department of Housing shares your dietary information with the Registered Dietitian in Hospitality Services. Once the building assignment is announced in late July, you are encouraged to list your food allergies and dietary needs when completing the Residence On-boarding Process in the myHousing portal.

More information on food allergies and dietary needs can be found at

Religious, Creed & Cultural Accommodations

In most cases, we are able to consider housing assignment requests based on cultural or creed-based reasons. This includes Indigenous, spiritual or religious practices; sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression. Please also note that our dining halls are able to accommodate those with Kosher or Halal diets.


Financial Accommodations

Extended payment options are available through the Registrar’s Office to help students manage their tuition expenses and residence fees.


Submit a Residence Accessibility Request

Note that you will need to have at least started your Residence Placement Questionnaire to be able to access and submit your request. If your needs change during the year, you may submit a request at any time. Your request will be considered on a priority basis only if space is available.


All documentation submitted is kept strictly confidential. Information regarding a student’s disability or accommodation may be shared with Accessible Education for placement purposes only, and/or Hospitality Services, in the case of a special dietary need. Other campus units such as Western Special Constable Service or Fire Safety may be notified if a health condition warrants special evacuation procedures to support a student living in residence.


Prospective residents can reach out to for more information. If you are already living in residence, you may contact your Residence Life Coordinator for further information.

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