International & Exchange Student Guide

Living in residence at Western University is an experience like no other. Home to students from more than 121 different countries, our residences offer excellent amenities, academic support, a focus on promoting a safe living environment, and opportunities to make new friends. As an international or exchange student, the best place to live is on campus.

If you're a high school student on a study permit in Canada and are looking to attend Western University, we offer additional support in the form of our Continue-in-Canada Admission Scholarship. In addition to a scholarship of $40,000 over four years, you will be guaranteed a space in residence for all four years of your undergraduate studies. View all terms and conditions.
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Securing Your Residence Spot

Residence offers everything you need for a successful academic year. In fact, residence is guaranteed for all single, first-year students coming directly from high school who receive an offer to study full time at Western’s Main Campus by mid-May. Get more information on eligibility, and if you have questions contact us.

Upper-year students are able to apply for our on-campus apartments by completing an application on the myHousing Portal. Availability is very limited so we also encourage our upper-year students to review our Off-Campus Housing website. Western's Off-Campus Housing Service has various ways to support your search for housing and to learn about tenant rights, leases and other aspects of off-campus life. You can check the rental listings online, or book an appointment with our Off-Campus Housing Advisors. 

We accept applications from upper-year students who require Residence Accessibility in residence due to accessibility needs. Acceptance is not guaranteed and would depend on availability, but we make every effort to accommodate upper-year students who have made an accessibility request. You can reach out to to be given access to complete an application.

Are you an exchange student? Residence is home for you too! Please be aware that the majority of students living in residence are first-year undergraduate students (17-19 years of age). Your residence offer will reflect housing that best suits the needs of students who are not in their first year of studies. 

Students at affiliated colleges including Huron or King's are not eligible for residence at Western's main campus.

Full Academic Year Exchange (September-April)

Eligible exchange students attending Western for the full academic year will receive an offer of residence in the order applications are received, as long as spaces are available.

One Semester Only Exchange: Fall (September-December) or Winter (January-April)

Eligible exchange students who will be attending Western for one semester only may receive a residence offer, depending on availability. Note: Residence fees quoted are for eight months and will be calculated based on the number of days in the term (approximately half of the fee quoted).

Cost and Payment
Residence Room Rates

Room rates and meal plan costs can be found on our rate chart. The prepayment to accept your residence offer must be received in the Housing office by the deadline indicated in your Residence Offer letter. You will find your residence charges along with any tuition charges on your Student Center. Please ensure that the first instalment payment is received by the deadline to secure your residence spot. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on our refund and withdrawal policy.

If you require a flexible payment plan, please email the Student Center finance team.

Meal Plan

meal plan is not mandatory for any students in Bayfield Hall or Lambton Hall, and it is not mandatory in Alumni House for Upper-year students. If you have accepted your offer to Bayfield Hall as an Exchange Student, Alumni House as an Upper-Year student, or as a student in Bayfield Hall or Lambton Hall, you will have the option to opt out of a meal plan through the select a meal plan in the myHousing Portal.

Internet Service

Western offers all residents secure internet through Connect-IT. The cost for this service is included with your residence fees.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Review all of our dates and deadlines, as well as make sure you check your Western email for information from us. You will get instructions on how to activate your Western email after you accept your academic offer to study here.

Before you move in, also make sure to read the Residence Contract. You will learn more about our Commitment to Diversity, conduct expectations and community standards for all residents.

What to Bring to Residence
What to Bring

Packing to live in a new country can be challenging, but we make it easy for you! We suggest that you bring only the clothing and personal items you need to feel at home in Canada. Furniture is provided in every residence building, and you can purchase additional items (such as bed linens) that are more difficult to travel with once you arrive.

Here is how we help:

  • As part of our Residence International and Exchange Student Welcome Day, we arrange transportation for you to visit local stores and supermarkets and help you purchase cookware, linens, international foods, and other items.
  • Our packing list can become your shopping list. Review the items we suggest you might need for a successful year ahead in our Move-In Planning Guide.
  • You may order bedding, towels and other accessories through the Bookstore and they will be delivered right to your Residence, ready for when you arrive. Ensure you review the Move-In Planning Guide for bed sheet sizes.
Residence Closures and Holidays
Holiday Accommodations

You may choose to stay on campus rather than returning home during scheduled holidays throughout the year. We are happy to offer you a place to stay during University breaks. Residences remain open during the Fall Study Break and Reading Week.

Winter Break Accommodations

The University closes during the winter holidays and very limited services are offered. With the exception of international students, students are required to vacate residence 24 hours after their last December exam and go home for the winter break until residences reopen. International students who plan to stay over during the winter break need to request a stay via the myHousing Portal before the deadline. The University reopens in early January for all students.

For students living in residence the full academic year, an additional fee will be charged to students' residence accounts if they stay in residence during the winter break. International students who have accepted their residence offer will receive an email regarding the process to request winter break accommodations. Students who have been approved for this stay will also receive an email about expectations during their winter stay. Single term students are not eligible to request Winter Break Accommodations.

Moving Out of Residence

At the end of the academic year, all students must vacate their room within 24 hours following the date of their final examination or by noon on the residence closure date, whichever is earlier.

Fall Term students (September – December) must vacate their room within 24 hours following the date of their final examination or by noon on the residence closure date, whichever is earlier.

Staying in London During the Summer

If you plan to stay in London for summer courses or even before you start at Western, you can live on campus. Book through Western Summer Accommodations which offers daily, weekly and monthly accommodation options. Western Summer Accommodations is open to the public, so your family or friends can also stay here.

Living in London

London is a vibrant urban centre made up of beautiful, lively neighborhoods. In fact, few cities of this size bring so many diverse cultures, festivals and businesses together in a single place. London also offers a diverse climate with four distinct seasons to enjoy.

Public Transportation
  • If you're looking for easy access to the public transportation system in London, Western is lucky to have major bus routes that conveniently go through campus. Find your way around the city by visiting the London Transit website.
  • All full-time undergraduate students automatically receive a London Transit Commission bus pass. Your bus pass is your Western ONECard. Learn more about transportation on campus.
  • Looking to walk around campus? Take a look at some campus maps to help you find your way.
Preparing for Winter

Excited for winter? Looking forward to seeing snow? In order to enjoy a winter in Canada, there are some clothing items you should consider purchasing in late October/early November to help you stay warm. Consider wearing the following in winter:

  • Hat (Toque): a hat on your head can warm you up! Wear a warm hat, hood, or earmuffs to cover your ears.
  • Scarf: Sometimes coats and collars don't cover your neck. Consider protecting your neck from the wind by wearing a scarf.
  • Coat: Look for a waterproof and down-filled coat to keep you warm.
  • Mittens (gloves): Fleece lined and waterproof mittens are best keeping your fingers warm.
  • Socks: Help avoid frost-bitten toes by wearing wooly socks.
  • Boots: Keep your feet dry by wearing waterproof boots with good grips for the ice.