Student Leaders in Residence

The support system in Residence at Western is unlike any other. We have over 500 student leaders that can answer your questions or direct you to someone who can. Not just an amazing resource, they shape your experience and want you to enjoy everything Western has to offer!

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Residence Staff

Dons live on every floor in first-year residences and play a key role in building an atmosphere that helps students grow personally, learn outside the classroom and make lifelong connections. A Don is a friend, resource, mentor, role model and community builder in residence. Thanks to our Dons, programs exist that positively enhance the student experience. Areas such as academics, social transition, personal development, safety and diversity are explored through a variety of residence and floor activities.

Residence Education Advisor (REA)

REAs live off campus and work with Student Experience, the International and Exchange Student Centre, Residence Staff, Residence and Faculty Sophs, student volunteers, and Residents' Councils to create a community in residence that supports students' academic success and leadership development. They act as a resource for academic support and leadership involvement, providing opportunities for student engagement in residence and on campus. This role is similar to the past Academic Leadership Programmer (ALP) position.
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Residence and Faculty Sophs

Sophs are super spirited and become like the siblings you never had. Their pride for the Western experience has granted them the role to be that connecting link for students starting on move-in day. Residence Sophs support residence, and Faculty Sophs connect with you to guide you academically. Learn how you can make an impact on residence life. 

Residents' Council

Each residence has a student body elected to organize and run events, personal development programs and socials. The council also represents student interests through a variety of residence committees. Every floor/wing in each building has an elected representative on the council. This is an opportunity for all students to get involved in shaping the residence community.
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Connect-IT Staff Members

Connect-IT Staff members are part time students who provide technical support to students living in residence at Western University.