Student Leaders in Residence

The support system in Residence at Western is unlike any other. We have over 500 student leaders who live here that can answer your questions or direct you to someone who can. Not just an amazing resource, they shape your experience and want you to enjoy everything Western has to offer!

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Having been in residence for four years, I’ve actually met some of my closest friends in rez as a student leader. The RA role ranges from building a welcoming floor community to overseeing residence safety. We regularly check in with students, run monthly floor- and building-wide programs that meet student needs and interests, and the front desk calls us to respond to emergencies or even noise complaints in the building.

We also receive higher level training in order to provide you with the support you need throughout the year. In short, we do our best to help you succeed and make sure you’re having the best year possible!

Residence Advisors (RA)

RAs live on every floor in residence and play a key role in building an atmosphere that is conducive to academic, personal and social growth. An RA is a friend, resource, mentor, role model and community leader in residence.

Renee C., Medway-Sydenham Hall RA I've actually met some of my closest friends in rez as a student leader...

Knowing someone's there for you means the world to me. When you're around people who are looking up to you and seeking advice, it's up to you to share your wisdom. Being a Don is about taking that knowledge you've gained in the past year as an RA and being able to share it and teach others the important lessons of this role.

If you're able to share that with your RAs and the rest of your team while nurturing them too, it becomes a special part of the experience. You become like an older sibling and mentor to your RAs and that's the most rewarding part.

Residence Dons

Everyone needs someone, so our Dons are here to support, mentor, and guide the RAs. Thanks to our Dons, programs exist to enhance the student living experience. Areas such as academics, social, personal development, safety and diversity are explored through a variety of residence and floor activities. Together, Dons and RAs connect students to resources to bond and form a community.

Tom L., Ontario Hall Don Knowing someone's there for you means the world to me...

It's easy to say, "Oh, you should study more and spend less time socializing," but that's not what ALPs do. We want to empathize with students to find the most efficient and effective way for students to balance doing well in school and having fun.

The way I see it is ALPs are your one-stop shop in residence that students can go through to be connected with the support and services they need. I'm an ALP because I want to help students find their niche and their success plan as soon as possible.

Academic & Leadership Programmers (ALP)

Your ALPs dedicate their time to helping you succeed academically! They set up one-on-one meetings to work through your concerns, and connect you to the many resources Western has to offer. ALPs receive additional training in academic areas such as, learning skills, study methods and campus resources. They can help you with study advice, time management tips, and all academic programs right here in residence! They hold breakfast clubs, study relays, guest speakers (visiting professors), "What's your Major" events, and trivia contests all in your building.

Alec W., Delaware Hall ALP We want to empathize with students to find the most...

This position is a jack-of-all-trades and so we do a bit of everything. ALPs do academic programing for first-year buildings, and Dons and RAs handle duties and create a community on their floor. We do everything they do but for the upper-year buildings.

I'm a Community Leader because I wanted to challenge my RezLife role with something new, which meant working with upper-year students.

Community Leaders (CL)

The CLs areresponsible for all things upper-year. They serve as the RA/Don, as the ALP, and as the de facto Residence Manager in Alumni House and London Hall. The CLs in these upper-year Residences ensure upper-year students have an experience comparable to their first-year, but in a more mature and relaxed living environment.

Simran S., London Hall CL This position is a jack-of-all-trades and so we do a bit of everything...

There are all these first-year students and there is Western. Sophs form a good chunk of that bridge between the two, especially in the first two weeks. Residence Sophs are upper-year students that choose to live in residence again. We actually live on the floors in the buildings alongside the first-years.

We're often the first people students see when they come to Western. We invite them out of their cars and take their belongings up to their rooms. During OWeek we facilitate the events, making sure everyone feels comfortable. The rest of the year we’re mentors living in residence, but more than that we're also just another friend. You become a Soph for the year, but beyond that, when you sign up it’s not something you’re doing for just a week or a year.

I am a Rez Soph because I care about people. I feel like Rez Sophing is an extension of who I am.

Rez and Faculty Sophs

Sophs are super spirited, and become like the siblings you never had. Their pride for the Western experience has granted them the role to be that connecting link for students starting on move-in day. Rez Sophs live on every floor in Residence, and Faculty Sophs connect with you to guide you academically. For information on how you can carry on the Sophing legacy, click here.

Irfan J., Saugeen-Maitland Hall Head Soph I feel like Rez Sophing is an extension of who I am...

Residents' Council is an excellent opportunity to give back by organizing the same events that you enjoyed so much as a first-year, and helping make residence a place where students feel at home.

Bonus: you can polish up your leadership and collaboration skills, and be a part of a unique team of passionate individuals while you're at it! You could be a reason why people love living in residence, make good memories, and see Western as their new home.

Residents' Council

Each residence has a student body elected to organize and run events, personal development programs and socials. The council also represents student interests through a variety of residence committees. Every floor/wing in each building has an elected representative on the council. This is an opportunity for all students to get involved in shaping the residence community.

Kimia R., Perth Hall Residents' Council President Give back by organizing the same events that you enjoyed so much...

Being a Residence Tour Guide is exciting because you might be the first person to ever introduce people to campus. It attributes to their decision to come here, especially if you're welcoming, positive and an enthusiastic person, then that makes their experience all the better.

They're going to remember you and relate you to the general atmosphere of the school. It might not seem like a huge role, but it is to me because we're at this first exposure point. I'm a tour guide because I love Western and I get to represent my school.

Residence Tour Guides

These part-time positions are for students living in Residence who provide guided tours to visiting parents/students to show them the facilities in each residence, including their own bedrooms. They are front-line ambassadors to promote residence life as part of the Campus Tour program. For more information on joining the Tour Guide team, email

Freya Z., Ontario Hall Tour Guide They're going to remember you and relate you to...

As an international student, when I first came to Western I knew nothing about my new home, so I'm a part of Street Team because I want to help fellow Mustangs find ways to make student living easier.

Not many people are aware that they can live in residence after first year, so my job is to promote the upper-year residences. It gives me a chance to meet people from all across campus to discuss everything and anything residence-related!

Upper-Year Street Team

Street Team Members are part-time employees that promote on-campus living for students in their upper years. They are trained to provide you with information on leadership opportunities and the unique benefits of living in residence after first year. For more information on joining Street Team, email

Song D., Upper-Year Street Team Member I want to help fellow Mustangs find ways to make student living easier...

We're trained to troubleshoot basic internet issues when students come to us and tell us they're having trouble connecting. Usually, we're able to solve it on the phone but we also book in-person appointments.

On move-in day, you may see us giving out ethernet and printer cables to solve problems before they even arise. I help students across all the residence buildings connect to the Internet, plus I get to meet some pretty amazing people.

RezNet Staff Members

RezNet Staff members are part time students who provide technical support to students living in residence at Western University.

Ciarán M., RezNet Staff On move-in day, you may see us giving out ethernet and printer cables...