Building Profile

Two of Western’s greatest building rivalries joined together to create Medway-Sydenham Hall in 1986. Affectionately known as “Med-Syd”, this building includes a quad and so much more:

  • 613 beds
  • Two common washrooms shared amongst the floor, with enhanced sanitization measures, seven days a week 
  • Mandatory meal plan; In-building dining hall
  • A formal lounge and the Medway Library, which provide space for community meetings, group learning, and large socials
  • Six music practice rooms
  • This building also features two lifestyle-based floors, Substance-Free and Quieter Lifestyles, and a Single-Gender (Woman) Floor.

Residence Details

What’s provided in the room?

  • Approximate double room size 4.5m (15') x 3.65m (12')
  • Approximate single room size 4.5m (15') x 2.5m (8')
  • Single bed with mattress 203cm (80") long by 91cm (36") wide by 15cm (6") deep, with mattress protector
  • Space under the bed is approximately 10"
  • Each double room contains 2 walk-in closets and chest of drawers
  • Each single room contains walk-in closet and chest of drawers
  • Room also contains desk, shelving unit, mirror, curtains, desk chair, desk lamp, corkboard, wastebasket, recycling bin, and overhead lighting

What’s provided in the building?

  • 24/7 front desk access
  • Swipe card access to building entrance after 7pm daily
  • Connect-IT wireless and wired internet
  • Six music practice rooms with pianos
  • Cardio/weight room in building
  • Laundry facilities
  • Formal Lounge and Medway Library provide space for large gatherings
  • Dining Hall open seven days a week
  • Study rooms

Floor Details

  • Rooms are single or double occupancy
  • 18 wings in the building are divided into 12 units
  • Size of each floor varies; typically 33-36 residents per floor
  • Floors are mixed-gender
  • Washrooms shared with residents on floor; two washrooms, shared by approximately 15 students. Single-gender washrooms are available.

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Building Photos

  • Single Bedroom
  • Single Bedroom
  • Double Bedroom
  • Double Bedroom
  • Floor Lounge
  • Formal Lounge
  • Library
  • Laundry Room
  • Workout Room

Floor Plan

Floor plan

Building Contact Info

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Medway-Sydenham Hall
Western University
1151 Richmond Street
London, Ontario, Canada
N6A 5B9

Front Desk: 519-661-3983