Relive your residence experience independently! Alumni House and London Hall are suite-style residences designed for upper-year student living set with a kitchen and living room. Upper-year students can opt to live in any of our other seven residences as well if they choose, or become a student leader.

Just a few minutes away from class
Cooking utensils
Cook for yourself or enjoy meals in a dining hall
Repair tools
Prompt repairs and & regular housekeeping
Stay connected to the Western community
Great study & learning environment
Connected people
Leadership opportunities

Independent Living

You know what to expect from university now, but that doesn’t mean residence is only for first timers! Living on campus means you're close to your classes, campus services, and extracurricular activities. Alumni House offers easy access to Richmond Row or even Masonville Mall. London Hall is just steps away from the Western Recreation Centre. Even if you try to avoid cooking at all costs or would rather utilize a kitchen, the choice is yours since meal plans are optional!

Building Assignments are First-Come, First-Served

You’ll still rank your building choices, but this time, the sooner you apply, the greater chance you’ll get your first choice! Applications open in November, so hurry to the myHousing portal before spots fill up.

Quiet Study Spaces

The ease of having your classmates living alongside you is a benefit you’ve already experienced in first year, but in our Upper-Year Buildings, we have great study spaces and this independent living style boasts quieter floors.

Live With Your Friends, and Make New Ones!

You’ve met lots of people in first year, so why not continue living alongside them in this apartment style? Whether you have in mind exactly who you want to live with or not, our new online residence booking system has it covered. You can choose your residence building, live with your friends, and reserve your specific suite.

Leadership Opportunities

Become a mentor for incoming first year students while boosting your resume at the same time! We have more than 400 leadership positions in residence that will teach you valuable skills and provide great training opportunities. Don’t believe us? See what our previous student leaders have to say for themselves!

Apply for Upper-Year Living!

The university experience is about what you make it, so while you’re here make the most of the opportunities we have for you. Apply to live the RezLife at myHousing. Applications available in November.